Ignite Philly 11 Speakers

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Are you ready for another Ignite Philly? Tomorrow is the day.

Our speakers include:

  • Stephanie Alarcon, Amy Gutherie & Georgia Gutherie
  • Drew Becher
  • Marla Burkholder & Maria Möller
  • Jen Childs
  • Ashvika Dhir
  • Amanda Feifer-O'Brien
  • Ben Garvey
  • Kristin Gavin
  • David Guinn
  • Brett Hart
  • Erica Hawthorne
  • Mark Headd
  • Christine Knapp
  • Jordan Miller
  • Dave Zega & Jake Wells

Remember doors open at 6:00pm, speakers start promptly at 7:00pm

See you there.

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